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Map and Directions

2340 NW Westover.jpg

   My office is the second floor of a three story house on the corner of NW Westover Road and Everett Street, across Westover Road from Uptown Shopping Center.  You enter the building through the green double doors at ground level on Westover Street (at the end of the red railed ramp), and go up one flight of stairs.

   My building is surrounded by one way streets.  The easiest access to my building is from West Burnside Avenue.  Get on Burnside going uphill (west) from the Portland downtown core, go one block past the signal at NW 23rd Avenue, and take a right turn at the next signal, which is NW 23rd Place.  Chicos in Uptown Shopping Center will be facing you on the opposite side of 23rd Avenue at the signal.  NW 23rd Place is only one block long, and ends at NW Westover Road.  My building is across the street when you get to the stop sign at Westover. 

   There is metered four hour parking on 23rd Place, Westover Road, Everett Street, and 23rd Avenue.  Do not park in the Uptown Shopping Center lot; they wll ticket you if you do not stay in the Center to shop.  Parking can sometimes be scarce.  If you cannot find convenient street parking, there is a parking lot on NW Glisan (two blocks north of Everett) a half-block uphill from NW 23rd. 


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